Science Proves That the Rams Made a Good Pick in the Fourth Round

Maybe you thought the Rams should have picked a wide receiver earlier in the draft to give St. Louis’ newest leading man, Sam Bradford a target for  his first year in the bigs, but ESPN’s Sports Science is here to tell you that the Rams did just fine getting a wide receiver in the fourth round with Mardy Gilyard from the University of Cincinnati.

In this clip from earlier this year, the white guy with that same hair cut every TV host not named Regis has walks you through why Mardy (yup, with a d) is no slouch.

We love this video and really are more excited about Gilyard that we were oh about 5 minutes ago. The guy has some interesting skills and seems like a pretty cool guy at that.

Also, ever since we lost the great Brian Barton, we need a new skinny black guy with dreads around here. If you disagree, you’re a racist. There we said it.