Suck: Things Are Changing, But Hopefully Not Much


As I mentioned earlier in my note, there have been changes to the site as of this morning.

I have been “ordered” to take down a few posts (Posts that I can’t name of course, but I think you could probably figure it out.) and remove all of the up-right journalistic full-disclosure notices.

Obviously, I was pissed.

The amazing growth of has, in so many words, shocked the hell out of me.  This site just launched less than a month a go and it already has a mature site’s worth of traffic and made a clear dent in the St. Louis media scene, so its not much of a leap to say St. Louis clearly wanted / needed a site like this.  Despite all of that, at first blush, I was just going to yank the site and put up a message.  Why?  Because if you have limits on what areas of St. Louis you post on or take shots at, then you are an asshole, but if you are universal in your scope and always hit every target, then everyone is fairly treated and you aren’t an asshole. [Editor’s Note: Well, at least not for that reason. :) ] After thinking about it for a little while longer, and resisting the urge to toss my computer through a window, I decided it would be more fitting of what Punching Kitty has stood for thus far to continue on and simply “note” the one thing I can’t touch on in an open, although admittedly vague out of necessity, letter and then go about my business the best I can.

As I said in my note, this site has been built on 100% openess, which is why didn’t try to post anonymously and I put those full disclosure notes at the end of posts where I referenced a competitor to my day job.  Posting anonymously was never an option since it appears cowardly and then when you are revealed, and of course you will be revealed, then the magic trick is over and you look like an ass trying to attack people which is exactly what this isn’t about.  I was 100% fair in reporting things that happened and things I saw up until this point and I will continue to do that the best I can while still keeping the ability to pay my mortgage. So yes, you may see things that it appears I’m “missing” in the future, but I think the last month of this site shows that I am not “missing” them at all, and as long as that is clear, I will try to continue this site the best I can.

That being said, if this restriction proves too difficult to stay faithful to the original ideals of the site, then I will shut it down.  I hope it doesn’t come to that though.