The Beautiful Kind aka Kendra Holliday, in Child Custody Fight

The famous St. Louis sex blogger that recently came out and revealed her previously hidden identity, Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful is suddenly in a fight for the custody of her daughter. “I have officially received the lawsuit papers from my ex-husband—he is suing me for full custody of my daughter,” Holliday said today. “The reasons listed in the lawsuit all point to my sexuality. I am shocked and disappointed that my ex would resort to this, as previously he supported my decision to come out. [Read More]

Update on The Beautiful Kind’s Coming Out Party

We had a tip slip by us when we had already written our original story on The Beautiful Kind’s announcement, but it’s worth of an update. Our friends at the Riverfront Times have released an in-depth story with lots of interesting childhood details that’s worth reading — NSFW: The St. Louis mom behind sex blog the Beautiful Kind is outing herself Go for the story, stay for the classy photos of her dildo collection. [Read More]

St. Louis Sex Blogger, The Beautiful Kind, Bears All

The native St. Louis sex blogger, The Beautiful Kind, has had a busy year. She’s disappeared, reappeared, and written a book already. What does an anonymous sex blogger do for an encore? Bleached butthole? One of those giant plastic fists? In the ear? Nope. Instead she decided to expose the one thing she hasn’t already put out there: Her name. My name is Kendra Holliday, and I am The Beautiful Kind. [Read More]

The Beautiful Kind: The Latest Blogger to Get Booked

Friend-of-the-site, fellow St. Louis based blogger and the one that always beats us in the “Local Blogger Who Uses the Word Tits the Most” contest every year, The Beautiful Kind has bounced back in a big way from her recent brush with blog mortality. First the blog returned in record time, stronger than ever, and now, an ebook entitled The Book of Goddess: Elevating Your Desirability to Mythic Proportions. We got ahold of TBK, well not really…that guy in the photo above has “ahold” of her…to talk about the new book which you can read about and download your free PDF copy (great for iPads…you know, because the screen can just be wiped clean after doing the “homework”) at thebookofgoddess. [Read More]

Links For Your Blue Monday

It’s May 17th! The Beautiful Kind is back in action! Cops find dude murdered at South City car dealership. Key quote from police: “The place is kind of ransacked a little bit. It could be just from the way they keep the business, we don’t know at this time.” Way to kick them when their down officer. — The community helps a guy figure out some good date ideas for St. [Read More]

The Beautiful Kind Blog to Return May 17th

We’ve been hot and heavy, so to speak, with the story about locally based erotic blog The Beautiful Kind’s sudden disappearance from the interwebs. In our last post, that featured the back story and a message from “TBK” herself to our readers, we closed with the following open questions: Once again we wish TBK the best going forward and although it’s probably hard for her to look to the future right now, we are left wondering: [Read More]

Details on The Beautiful Kind’s Disappearance Start to Emerge

Punching Kitty has learned that the renown, St. Louis based, erotic blogger The Beautiful Kind, whose site mysteriously vanished a few days ago, has broken her silence with a post on (NSFW ads and photos). The whole post is well-written and worth reading when you get the chance, but we have the upshot for you below. Yes, as we suspected. Her identity was uncovered and she was fired. Damn you Google and your amazing fact finding ability! [Read More]

St. Louis Sex Blog, The Beautiful Kind, Vanishes

The acclaimed, anonymous, and St. Louis based erotic blog The Beautiful Kind really felt like it was just starting to take off. Much like this very blog, it was included in the recent list of favorite blogs by the Riverfront Times and we kept hearing more and more people naming themselves as readers to the constantly updated titillating stories of threesomes, butt-sex [Editor’s Note: Is butt-sex hyphenated?] and partner swapping. [Read More]