The Beautiful Kind: The Latest Blogger to Get Booked

Friend-of-the-site, fellow St. Louis based blogger and the one that always beats us in the “Local Blogger Who Uses the Word Tits the Most” contest every year, The Beautiful Kind has bounced back in a big way from her recent brush with blog mortality. First the blog returned in record time, stronger than ever, and now, an ebook entitled The Book of Goddess: Elevating Your Desirability to Mythic Proportions.

We got ahold of TBK, well not really…that guy in the photo above has “ahold” of her…to talk about the new book which you can read about and download your free PDF copy (great for iPads…you know, because the screen can just be wiped clean after doing the “homework”) at

Punching Kitty: We know the motivation to the message behind the book, but what was the motivation for the book itself? Why not just spread the same message through the blog?

TBK: I’ve been wanting to expand my repertoire for ages now, so writing an ebook seemed the next logical step. I finally got the time to do it when I get fired from my job! So this is my way of turning lemons into spiked lemonade. I cover so many topics on my blog, it’s helpful to present certain information in an easier take-home package.

PK: Do you have a favorite part? …ours is the “nutshell” tips in the conclusion.

TBK: You have good taste. :) This is my favorite part of the ebook:

The Problem with Fake Tits

Breasts should feel soft, and they should be pleasure zones. Don’t take a

knife to such sacred ground! The problem with fake tits is that it makes

the woman look like SHE CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. She cares so much

about what a handful of shallow strangers think that she will mutilate

herself to win their approval. Fake tits are a badge of insecurity (unless

we’re talking about reconstructive surgery).

Redefine beauty. Stop reading those magazines featuring the same recycled

content and skinny models. Seek out your own idea of beauty. Look at nature

for beauty – see the curve of a mountain, the dip of a valley, and then see

that in yourself. Beauty is REAL and can be found in the actual trees

themselves, not the glossy pages that come from pulverizing and processing


The most important thing to realize about yourself:

You look great NOW. I can’t tell you how many women I know who curse the

fact that they were shy about wearing a bikini when they were in their 20’s

and a size 8. They thought they weren’t thin enough to pull it off. Now

they are 35 and a size 12 and WISH they were a size 8 again. So just wear

the fucking bikini, OK?

**PK: **Is there anything sexually you won’t share on your blog?

TBK: Three years ago, I kept a journal of my stint as a whore. I didn’t want to post the stories on my website, as they were too deep and had a different tone, so I held on to them, looking for the right venue. SexIs has been running the journal as a series:

I also don’t share details that will incriminate my friends and loved ones, such as incest or infidelity. Many of the stories on my site are even more twisted than they appear! There are so many layers to a person’s sexuality.

PK: Who’s the celebrity you think would be the best in bed (both male and female)?

TBK: My guy is really into Halle Berry. He’d like to “MAKE HER FEEEEL GOOOOD.” I have a crush on Isabella Rossellini, she does that Green Porno series. I think anyone who impersonates vicious bedbug sex and duck gang bang rape scenes would be awesome in bed.

PK: Oh yeah! We’ve run across that show…its…interesting.

Was there no thought in to trying to sell your book in some way?

TBK: Offering the ebook for free was a way to gain more exposure for my website. It was a test, and I think it went well. I want to continue to build my credibility and prove myself as a sex and relationship expert. A lot of the sex advice columnists out there are burned out or outdated. I’d be a great fresh replacement. I take it to another level.

PK: We love that this goes right on the old iPad, but what about working with a publishing site to create a “real” book?

**TBK: **I’d love to develop this ebook into a real book! Bring it!

**PK: **Any more books in there? Is this the first of many or one of a kind?

TBK: I have plenty of book ideas – I’d like to do one featuring relationships, or one all about fetishes, one about first sexual experiences, a holiday erotica anthology…

PK: In your “Fashion Police” section you say to avoid Crocs. There’s no question here, just wanted to say thank you for that.

TBK: You are welcome. A girlfriend of mine recently complained, “One of the problems with online dating is you can’t tell if they wear crocs or sandals ahead of time.”

PK: This book is geared toward the ladies, any interest in a “How not to be gross” tome for the fellas?

TBK: Oh sure, I could do that. Would be nice if my man wrote that one, as people have said, “I wish I could be his cock!”, but he’s just along for the ride. One book I suggest for men is “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. I reviewed it here:

PK: Well thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Good luck with this book, the blog and anything in the future!

TBK: This is my calling – I want to make a living out of TBK. Please spread the word about my sex positive mission! I aim to inspire with my openness and honesty. America still has too many hangups about sex, help me work the kinks OUT!