Advertising Prices So Low You’ll Think “Wow. Those are really low. I should purchase some of that.”

We’ve had our little Advertising link up on the top of the site since day one, but really it had nothing there. We were playing it cool, as if we were leaning on the hood of our website with an unbuttoned jeans jacket and one leg up on the car.

Now we’re actually making a go at this.

A trip to the advertising page now gives you sample ad sizes and prices for a month of advertising on a site that’s just too cool for  your competitors. We’re talking as low as $20 a month. For our sexy readers we think about when we’re lonely because we love them so much it hurts our special parts, don’t worry: There will be no more space on this site taken up by ads than there is now. Which is good for you, the readers, and for you, the advertisers, since your ad won’t get lost in a whirlwind of blinking crap.

Interested? Check out the full details and then contact us through all the usual channels, email: [email protected] or phone (leave a message on the tip line): 314-766-TIPS

We seriously want to have some awesome advertisers on this site that can ad to the Punching Kitty vibe, and allow us to not only just keep doing the site, but also add to it in a meaningful way with some plans we’ve been cooking up in the lab!

– The Editor