KTRS’ JC Corcoran Suspended 2 Weeks for Telling Pretty Much Everyone To Blow Themselves

So remember when we celebrated “JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today” Day? Well that whole thing is still going on. No, not the actual day, that came and went with no Pujols news. What’s still been happening is all the chatter since then which came to a head yesterday after KTRS suspended Corcoran for two weeks, as was initially reported by STLToday, but was independently confirmed with our sources as well. [Read More]

STLToday’s Best Photo and Caption Combo Ever?

There’s a screen grab from today’s STLToday.com/sports homepage on the right. Do they think that’s how Pujols reacted to the rumored offer with only 7 years as opposed to his required 10? They think he reacted to it like that time Skip Schumaker ripped that nasty fart in the dugout and then tried to look all casual in the other direction to throw Pujols off the trail? Maybe he did. [Read More]

What Will Happen With Pujols?

That’s the big question for the Cardinals and their fans this offseason: What will happen with Albert Pujols, arguably major league baseball’s best player, and who is less than a year from being a free agent and possibly leaving the Cardinals. The guys at Cards Diaspora asked this question to some knowledgable and handsome folks and complied their answers in their post…what’s this? Is our fearless editor, the ruggedly handsome and slighty more popular than the WikiLeaks guy, Mike Flynn included in the list of notables as Tim McKernan and Deadspin’s Wil Leitch? [Read More]

No Pujols in This Year’s Home Run Derby

St. Louis’ most like latino guy won’t be dropping any long balls in to the stands at this year’s Major League Baseball Home Run Derby in Anaheim, CA. Like Jim Edmonds before him, he felt that after participating before his power numbers declined in the second half of the season and he doesn’t want to do that again. …probably something about the All-Star Game being in St. Louis last year had a little something to do with it as well. [Read More]

Pujols’ Agent Quits Firm

Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, pulled a Jerry McGuire Tuesday, leaving his prominent sports agency and taking with him his list of big time clients. “Danny Lozano has left Beverly Hills Sports Council, and we wish him well in his future endeavors,” said agent Jeff Borris. Lozano’s departure is likely to have major ramifications within the industry. Pujols, an eight-time All-Star and three-time Most Valuable Player with the St. Louis Cardinals, is closing in on free agency, and is expected to sign an enormous contract in the aftermath of big recent deals for Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer, Philadelphia first baseman Ryan Howard and others. [Read More]

Links For Your Blue Monday

It’s May 17th! The Beautiful Kind is back in action! Cops find dude murdered at South City car dealership. Key quote from police: “The place is kind of ransacked a little bit. It could be just from the way they keep the business, we don’t know at this time.” Way to kick them when their down officer. — KSDK.com The community helps a guy figure out some good date ideas for St. [Read More]

The Onion Swings and Misses on Pujols Article

It’s not often we say this about the beloved online fake news hub, but “Eh.” The Onion took a big cut and like Chris Duncan going after a curve ball, missed. Hopefully the comparison stops there, we don’t want the Onion’s dad whining about us in the Post Dispatch tomorrow. Sources in the Cardinals organization confirmed Tuesday that, after completing private sliding lessons, Albert Pujols has been sliding feet first into equipment, open doorways, dirty laundry, teammates, dugouts, and anything else the three-time NL MVP can possibly slide into. [Read More]

Cardinals on Pace for 162 Wins!

The 2k10 baseball season started today in Cincinnati for the St. Louis Cardinals. After beating the Reds today 11 to 6, they are on pace for an astounding 162 wins! Which should be just enough to win the central division. *fingers crossed* Not only that but… Albert Pujols, with his two homeruns, is on pace for about 324 home runs. Yadier Molina is on pace for only 162, but all of them are grand slams. [Read More]

Pujols No-Shows, Kansas City All Hurt and Whiney

You know that girlfriend you had in highschool that wasn’t bad at the time but looking back she was actually kinda chubs, but it doesn’t really matter because you were kinda chubs too, but in college you slimmed down and ended up with a pretty hot new girlfriend and you would always go home and see your old girlfriend because you are her were still cool and then one day she was like “Hey can you come to this thing? [Read More]

Links: Were You Click To Get the News From Someone Else

Today’s top goings on… FourSquare officially launched in St. Louis! (We told you…just sayin.) Pujols freaked out the Cardinals with his comments on some crazy Dominican radio station. The RFT took an idea off the table for us by exploring the W00t! offices. Metro Link gives up and ask the rest of us for ideas. Can’t get any worse I guess. Bowling allies are freaking out about the smoking bans. [Read More]