Woah There Onion, You’re Stealing Our Schtick!

The Onion just posted an article, entitled “U.S. Adds 4 Million Jobs But In St. Louis“. Here’s a sampling: The Labor Department reported Monday that the U.S. economy created a staggering 4 million jobs in October, though government officials hastened to add that the new positions are all located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. “Though this much- needed job growth would bring our unemployment rate down to a far more manageable six and a half percent, at the end of the day, it’s St. [Read More]

The Onion Swings and Misses on Pujols Article

It’s not often we say this about the beloved online fake news hub, but “Eh.” The Onion took a big cut and like Chris Duncan going after a curve ball, missed. Hopefully the comparison stops there, we don’t want the Onion’s dad whining about us in the Post Dispatch tomorrow. Sources in the Cardinals organization confirmed Tuesday that, after completing private sliding lessons, Albert Pujols has been sliding feet first into equipment, open doorways, dirty laundry, teammates, dugouts, and anything else the three-time NL MVP can possibly slide into. [Read More]