Woah There Onion, You’re Stealing Our Schtick!

The Onion just posted an article, entitled “U.S. Adds 4 Million Jobs But In St. Louis“. Here’s a sampling:

The Labor Department reported Monday that the U.S. economy created a staggering 4 million jobs in October, though government officials hastened to add that the new positions are all located in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

“Though this much- needed job growth would bring our unemployment rate down to a far more manageable six and a half percent, at the end of the day, it’s St. Louis, so…”

Well done Onion! …but ripping on St. Louis in a delightful way that makes you think “They make fun because they love the city…but also because they’ve probably been mugged a time or five.” is kinda our thing, so please let us handle it.

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