No Pujols in This Year’s Home Run Derby

St. Louis’ most like latino guy won’t be dropping any long balls in to the stands at this year’s Major League Baseball Home Run Derby in Anaheim, CA. Like Jim Edmonds before him, he felt that after participating before his power numbers declined in the second half of the season and he doesn’t want to do that again. …probably something about the All-Star Game being in St. Louis last year had a little something to do with it as well. [Read More]

Apparently Musial is Overlooked in St. Louis Too

Apparently Musial is Overlooked in St. Louis Too
Easily the #1 complaint we have heard about the All Star game, well after the whole booing thing, was the fact that after spending weeks telling everyone that they would finally honor the man that is the invisible baseball great, Stan Musial, all the Cardinals did was wheel his old ass on there on a cart and let him hand a ball to the President. Thats the same job we give little kids in weddings people. [Read More]

Links Around St. Louis and Beyond – All Star Edition

The Riverfront Times put together a Guide to All Star Weekend, including their St. Louis “map” Don’t miss the section of where sports celebs live to get your stalk on. Patrick Says tells the tale of how his paid blogging past cost him a laptop. Is that irony? You decide. The discussion of the “Largest Tweetup Ever” continues on Simple Justice. Mary Louise Parker gets a little naked for…does it matter? [Read More]