Links Around St. Louis and Beyond – All Star Edition

The Riverfront Times put together a Guide to All Star Weekend, including their St. Louis “map” Don’t miss the section of where sports celebs live to get your stalk on. Patrick Says tells the tale of how his paid blogging past cost him a laptop. Is that irony? You decide. The discussion of the “Largest Tweetup Ever” continues on Simple Justice. Mary Louise Parker gets a little naked for…does it matter? [Read More]

St. Louisan Sells Michael Jackson Stuff on EBay and the Same Story to Two Stations

A St. Louis couple decided to sell off their Jacko memorabilia on EBay, and actually netted some pretty good dough for the stuff. Not only that, but they got on TV! Thats right, they made the local news and took the time to record the news broadcasts with their camera and upload it to YouTube. …they also, inadvertently, managed to illustrate how lame and formulaic local TV news has gotten. [Read More]