Matt Holliday Doesn’t Get Out of First Round, but Nets Longest Jack

So no Home Run Derby title for our own Matt Holliday but all is not lost. He wasn’t one of those losers to get nothing over the wall…and he got more than one (well played Chris”Why Am I Here?” Young). In Matty H. just missed the cut to the next round by 2 jacks. Despite his early exit, at least Holliday can hang is hat on having the single longest bomb of the night at 497 feet. [Read More]

No Pujols in This Year’s Home Run Derby

St. Louis’ most like latino guy won’t be dropping any long balls in to the stands at this year’s Major League Baseball Home Run Derby in Anaheim, CA. Like Jim Edmonds before him, he felt that after participating before his power numbers declined in the second half of the season and he doesn’t want to do that again. …probably something about the All-Star Game being in St. Louis last year had a little something to do with it as well. [Read More]

Watch the Home Run Derby Chatter on FriendFeed

The Home Run derby is long and you get sick of Chris Berman really quick, but its been a little easier to get through this year because we are watching everyone in the world talk about the home run derby in St. Louis in real time via FriendFeed.

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