Pujols No-Shows, Kansas City All Hurt and Whiney

You know that girlfriend you had in highschool that wasn’t bad at the time but looking back she was actually kinda chubs, but it doesn’t really matter because you were kinda chubs too, but in college you slimmed down and ended up with a pretty hot new girlfriend and you would always go home and see your old girlfriend because you are her were still cool and then one day she was like “Hey can you come to this thing?” and you were like, “I’ll try but I have to do this stuff for my hot wife.” and then you didn’t show because you had other important things to do and you were just really being nice by saying you would try, but then the old girlfriend was all like “You suck.” and you were all like “Umm, why are you so pissed?” and she was like “I don’t know why I ever liked you, you are a jerk…just kidding I love you.” and then you were like “You’re crazy” and then got mad and was all “Nevermind I hate you and I with I would have never done that thing  you like with my thumbs, your right ear and that piece of salmon.” and then you’re like, “Ok, bye” and then she’s like “I’ve always loved you! Why did you leave me” and then you’re like “Um you had your chance” and then she’s like “You got me pregnant” so then you sent a dude over to abort that crap but then you realized that you last dated her 10 years ago so it would be less like abortion and more like child murder which was way more expensive so  you call it off but it turns out that she was lying and just started dating your friend so then you are like “Stop calling me”?

Well in that story you are Pujols and that old fat girlfriend is Kansas City.  …minus that abortion stuff.  I’ll be honest with you the wheels came off the analogy for a second there.

Too bad baseball’s best player didn’t come to [the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s Legacy Awards to] make it better. The museum gave him two awards. He accepted neither in person, and didn’t record a video thank you like several others who couldn’t show up — and like he’s done in the past.

Pujols was in Kansas City this weekend, you know. He worked a hitting clinic and signed autographs for kids at a facility in north Kansas City on Sunday.

Maybe there’s more to Pujols’ absence. He’s under no obligation to do anything but play his best for the Cardinals, of course, and it’s murky waters whenever somebody starts telling somebody else how they should spend their time.

But it’s not unreasonable to expect Pujols – with his Kansas City ties and status as the game’s best player – to at least let the museum know of his plans.

When he doesn’t, what choice does it give fans but to assume he blew them off?

That was an excerpt from Sam Mellinger’s blog on the Kansas City Star‘s website.

“Oh please Pujols please love us!  Remember how you are from here?  Good times huh?  Sorry we passed you up in the draft 13 times, but everytime we get the chance we are going to jump on you because you didn’t make one award show out of the like 400 awards you win every year.”

Chill the hell out.

Everyone wants Pujols to go to everything.  He can’t though.  It really doesn’t matter what city its in.  I invited him to my last birthday party and he didn’t show but you don’t see me crying about it.