Couple Steals Haitian Donation Jar, Probably Are Really Nice People Normally Though

A Liberty, MO Culver’s had a donation jar on the counter for helping the Haitians.  What a lovely idea right?  Well some couple stole it.

Liberty police are looking for a couple who took a donation can intended for Haiti earthquake relief from a restaurant.

A video shows the couple putting their bags of food on either side of the can, picking it up and walking out the door.

Can you believe this?  I mean how sick do you have to be?!  I’m not usually one to be lost for words, but I really don’t have anything good to say about this.  I honestly want to be sick right now and I managed to get through all of Screech’s porno while eating a sandwich.  And this other time I stared at Tara Reid’s stomach for like 30 seconds without blinking.  Totally gross, but nothing is worse than this.

Who the hell would choose to eat at a Culvers?!