Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Lists the 15 Worst Charities

According to Missouri’s Attorney General Chris Koster, there are charities out there that aren’t really here to help! Some charities are super helpful organizations that take money and give all of it over to whatever their cause is…women that like fat guys or Mexicans something…but other charities take your money, pocket most of it and then throw a few pennies at their “cause” to keep things nice and legal. We’re starting to think that money we gave to the “Women Helping Others Reach Elevated Standards” last week won’t really help anything except for Cinnamon’s issues with her pimp. [Read More]

Couple Steals Haitian Donation Jar, Probably Are Really Nice People Normally Though

A Liberty, MO Culver’s had a donation jar on the counter for helping the Haitians. What a lovely idea right? Well some couple stole it. Liberty police are looking for a couple who took a donation can intended for Haiti earthquake relief from a restaurant. A video shows the couple putting their bags of food on either side of the can, picking it up and walking out the door. Can you believe this? [Read More]