Couple Steals Haitian Donation Jar, Probably Are Really Nice People Normally Though

A Liberty, MO Culver’s had a donation jar on the counter for helping the Haitians. What a lovely idea right? Well some couple stole it. Liberty police are looking for a couple who took a donation can intended for Haiti earthquake relief from a restaurant. A video shows the couple putting their bags of food on either side of the can, picking it up and walking out the door. Can you believe this? [Read More]

Fox 2 Sends Reporter to Haiti, Probably Can’t Pay to Bring Them Back

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Fox 2 has decided to send a report to Haiti…because apparently there isn’t a single stock photo or video of Haiti around anywhere! Sadly, its not Rich Gould. Fox 2 News’ Roche Madden and cameraman John McClelland have hopped aboard a U.S. Air Force cargo plane at Scott Air Force base headed to Haiti. Madden will be the only St. Louis television reporter reporting from Haiti. [Read More]
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