Links: Were You Click To Get the News From Someone Else

FourSquare officially launched in St. Louis! (We told you…just sayin.) Pujols freaked out the Cardinalswith his comments on some crazy Dominican radio station. The RFT took an idea off the table for us by exploring the W00t! offices. Metro Link gives up and ask the rest of us for ideas. Can’t get any worse I guess. Bowling allies are freaking out about the smoking bans. They think if we take away the smoke smell, the BO smell will get lonely. [Read More]

Update: FourSquare Coming to St. Louis This Fall?

In an update to our previous Foursquare post, friend-of-the-site Bill Streeter at the Riverfront Times actually got Foursquare to answer an email [Editor’s Note: Well la-de-da!]. So I sent Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley an email and asked him when they planned on launching in St. Louis. He emailed me back almost immediately. He said that they were just a two man operation that was a little overwhelmed by the sudden popularity to Foursquare and they were scrambling to hire help to expand. [Read More]

Oh Foursquare, Why Do You Hate St. Louis?

There are 2 things that are up pretty high on the cool list these days: 1. Mobile apps (in particular the iPhone) and 2. location apps. The problem? Foursquare, the “cool kid” in the mobile location game space is still, at this time, not available for St. Louis! Why Foursquare?! Why! What is Foursquare? From their site: We’re all about helping you find new ways to explore the city. [Read More]