We Won Another RFT Web Award

Thanks to the Riverfront Times for once againhonoring us with a RFT Web Award. We even showed up to the award show, making a rare public appearance to meet with the fans and lean on a wall while tweeting jokesthat never did get to show up on the big Twitter wall thing they had. Damn censors. The show was quite the spectacle. RFT’s Chad Garrison really took to the role of host (think James Franco at the Oscars) which only turned out to the be pre-show, as the impromptu freaky dance party that followed the awards portion really stole the show, and cost us a few grand in therapy ones those memories un-repress themselves in 10 years. [Read More]

The RFT Called That Craigslist Guy

Earlier this week we were the first to bring you the story about a local man looking for a live-in secretarywho will pick up his kid from school, be “semi professional” and “semi respectable” and enjoys his interest in “420”…oh and hopefully have sex with him. …yeah you’d hate to get someone that’s any more than “semi” respectable. It would totally ruin your whole business venture that is definitely not…unretarded. [Read More]

Update: FourSquare Coming to St. Louis This Fall?

In an update to our previous Foursquare post, friend-of-the-site Bill Streeter at the Riverfront Times actually got Foursquare to answer an email [Editor’s Note: Well la-de-da!]. So I sent Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley an email and asked him when they planned on launching in St. Louis. He emailed me back almost immediately. He said that they were just a two man operation that was a little overwhelmed by the sudden popularity to Foursquare and they were scrambling to hire help to expand. [Read More]