The RFT Called That Craigslist Guy

The RFT Called That Craigslist Guy

Earlier this week we were the first to bring you the story about a local man looking for a live-in secretary who will pick up his kid from school, be “semi professional” and “semi respectable” and enjoys his interest in “420”…oh and hopefully have sex with him.

…yeah you’d hate to get someone that’s any more than “semi” respectable. It would totally ruin your whole business venture that is definitely not…unretarded.

Shut it down Craigslist. Never gonna get any better than this one.

Well Jessica Lussenhop of the RFT gave him a call! We had no idea she wanted to leave the RFT, or be this guy’s sexy secretary, but good for her! Reach for the stars! (by “the stars”, we mean “his junk”)

Does this pragmatic paramour know about his growing internet fame?

No, as a matter of fact, he did not. Until we called him.

Guess what his name is?! Jim Midgett! Please let his middle name be “mental”, please let his middle name be “mental”…

When we caught up with Jim Midgett via phone, he’d just been reading some of the online chatter about him with his roommate.

“I didn’t have a clue at all. Actually, I’m not very computer savvy,” he says. “My feelings aren’t hurt at all about it.”

So how’s the ad going?

Not everyone thinks this sounds nuts. In fact, he’s already had ten responses and three interviews.

Meth is a hell of a drug.

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