The Rams’ Danny Amendola Hates Old Rams Ushers

The Rams lost Sunday to the Vikings, but the game wasn’t without it’s moments…like when Danny Amendola spiked a football in to the face of some poor old usher standing behind the endzone.

Deadspin has one of the many gifs of this epic event:

Danny, here’s what you did wrong:

  1. Chill bro. Great job on the touchdown, but you were way too fired up for a guy on a team that was getting stomped.

  2. Technically that’s not even an endzone spike because you were way way way too far back. Do that kinda thing in the right spot: The actual endzone. You might not be super familiar with it’s boundaries as you’ve been hurt and play for the Rams when you’re not hurt, but ask the Vikings.

  3. Is this angst over being too short to do the “dunk over the field goal crossbar” thing?

Make this right Danny! Find this guy, hook him up with some cool stuff. Not just one of your jerseys and ball the Rams team signed, get him something good! …have the the 49ers sign it. Maybe get him a helmet…do you know Tom Brady?! If so get him to sign it. He’d love that!