Links From a Clown

Lets start off Friday with some catching up on some news that while important, we didn’t deem as potentially funny as the “Web Center” and a Rally’s shootout. St. Louis based online retailer was sold to What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?! …you have a tan don’t you? Metro debuts new “trollies” (read: Busses with stickers on them). How does this help that fact that you can take the Metrolink downtown at night, but not back home after the bars close? [Read More]

Links: Were You Click To Get the News From Someone Else

FourSquare officially launched in St. Louis! (We told you…just sayin.) Pujols freaked out the Cardinalswith his comments on some crazy Dominican radio station. The RFT took an idea off the table for us by exploring the W00t! offices. Metro Link gives up and ask the rest of us for ideas. Can’t get any worse I guess. Bowling allies are freaking out about the smoking bans. They think if we take away the smoke smell, the BO smell will get lonely. [Read More]