Details on The Beautiful Kind’s Disappearance Start to Emerge

Punching Kitty has learned that the renown, St. Louis based, erotic blogger The Beautiful Kind, whose site mysteriously vanished a few days ago, has broken her silence with a post on (NSFW ads and photos). The whole post is well-written and worth reading when you get the chance, but we have the upshot for you below.

Yes, as we suspected. Her identity was uncovered and she was fired. Damn you Google and your amazing fact finding ability!

I went into the office dressed in my usual conservative garb of long sleeve shirt, long skirt, hair in bun, glasses and no makeup. I didn’t even get a chance to sit down. My boss immediately told me she needed to talk to me in private. The moment she said that, I prickled with horror. I feared this moment, couldn’t imagine it, and now, here it was. I knew my Clark Kent gig was up.

We sat down and she blurted angrily, “I need to let you go. Corporate office suggested I google employees. I typed in your name and it took me two seconds to find your website. How COULD you put that stuff out there? What were you thinking?! I feel like I’m talking to a 14 year old! We’re DONE.”

I did feel for her – if she was looking for any dirt on me, I doubt she was prepared for the raw dog filth I spewed.

But that filth is my private life and had nothing to do with my work performance. That filth was wrapped in inspiration and education. That filth helped so many people. In all that filth, there is something beautiful to behold.

She’s handling this wonderfully and we complete agree she should not feel like she did anything wrong, but seriously, fuck that. This kind of stuff really annoys us, as it obviously hits close to home.

We also got a response from TBK exclusively for Punching Kitty about the whole ordeal:

It’s much harder to be a sex blogger in the Midwest than it is on the West and East coasts. I don’t know of anyone else like me in town. I wish I did – I could use a support group. My friends in San Fran are outraged – they say this would not be an issue where they live and that I should relocate. It sure is a different world there – hell, they have more than two genders. My friends in town want me to stay put – they insist I am needed here. I think they’re just saying that because I have all my teeth. Just kidding.

No, the teeth thing is a big deal out there.  Cute chicks that put out are too.

Once again we wish TBK the best going forward and although it’s probably hard for her to look to the future right now, we are left wondering:

Will the blog be back? Is the interest and drive still there?

If so, will she continue to be anonymous, or as anonymous as possible?

Looking back, are their any posts she regrets? …was she too loose with her identity?

Interesting, but sad topics to think about. Right now though, it seems much more about getting life back together…blogs come a little farther down the road.