Ms Teacher Bangs a Boy

Congratulations to that 15 year old kid with the wispy mustache (probably) who got his PE teacher at Trinity High School in Maryland Heights to bang him.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office charged Kellie Ryan of Maryland Heights with one count of second-degree statutory rape and two counts of statutory sodomy. Ryan, 26, is a physical education teacher at Trinity High School. She’s accused of sleeping with a 15-year-old student.

Apparently this all began when after joking around in PE, Ryan told the kid to go to her office and do 50 push-ups. On her.  We’re kidding of course…they didn’t do it in the school. They used her car. Why this matters we don’t know.

Authorities said the alleged crimes did not occur on school property or at the student’s home. They suspect Ryan’s car was involved.

What, no tree-house sex? We hear that’s hot. Nothing like going at it while looking at your partner’s Miley Cyrus poster.

After all the high-fiving with the kid some old bitty asked something about how did the school not know about this, totally ruining the moment buzz. So?

The school released a statement late Thursday afternoon saying it had conducted a background check before hiring Ryan and that background check did not reveal anything.

Probably just forgot to ask the “Are you thinking about banging any of your students?” question. Pretty obvious though just by looking at her (above). Even in the mug shot she seems to be scoping out the kid on the DARE poster to the right of the officer taking her photo.

We can’t loose sight of the real issue. Some kid got down with his teacher. What do you think Jeff Suppan?


via KSDK