We Have Such a Raging Link Right Now!

raging_clueSt. Louis Beacon discusses whether or not a jungle of of a South City backyard is Eden or an Eyesore. The video of the backyard is pretty awesome…we vote “Eden”!

Should the Cardinals move Pujols to third so we can put the hobbled Troy Glaus at first for the rest of the season?  Erik at Fan Graphs explores the idea.

Super Fun Patrol reviews Twilight

Wow. What a big, giant ball of suck the Twilight series is. Talk about taking everything that’s awesome about vampire stories and completely, utterly sucking that out (no puns meant here, so can it) and replacing it with teenage romance pap and dribble. This, my friends, is what happens when a Mormon woman enacts her private fantasies in print. Where would you even start in order to make such a shitpile better?

The Daily Jerome makes his own version of those retro Colt45 billboards.

This church has the most bitchin website EVER! (Psych!  It sucks…but it is funny.)

[Editor’s Note: We are bringing back “psych.”]