Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories of 2012 According to Facebook

Earlier we published the list of your favorite stories based on raw page view numbers. This list below is still all about the readers, but since our 2012 redesign focused on Facebook for comments and likes, we thought it would be interesting to find out which of our stories this year were the most popular on everyone’s social network of choice: Facebook. [Editor’s Note: To save a little time for all of us, stories that were on both “readers’ choice” lists, we just glossed over on this one. [Read More]

Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories for 2012 (Page Views)

It’s list time! As usual we have your 10 favorite stories sorted by raw page view numbers, followed up on Monday with our personal favorite stories of 2012. Oh, but there’s more! As an added bonus to today’s list, which is ordered by raw page view numbers, we will also feature a 10 ten list of stories sorted by Facebook metrics (comments, likes, shares, etc…) in a subsequent post. Of course these metrics tend to favor older posts as they have more opportunity to collect the stats like page views and likes, but it’s also because we usually kinda hang it up in October and just cruise until “list week”, get really drunk and then start trying again in January. [Read More]

The Inevitable 2011 Round Up

As we have done the last few years, it’s time for our round up of the “top” articles from this very site in 2011. In the past we have done this in two posts, one listing the top 10 “most popular” posts based on page views and “likes” and a second list of our personal favorite posts. This year’s going down a little differently however for two reasons: As we close our our third year of existence, the stats for posts written in 2011 are getting harder to pull out from the older stories that still get significant traffic. [Read More]

Our Favorite Posts of 2009

We’ve done the list of you all liked the best (judged purely on page views), but screw that because now its time for us to say the best posts of the year were. “Translating Pam Maples’ Goodbye Memo to Post Dispatch Staff“ This one made the list simply because of the response we got from this post. Not in the comments or any type of even remotely public forum, but in private communications. [Read More]