Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories for 2012 (Page Views)

Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories for 2012 (Page Views)

It’s list time! As usual we have your 10 favorite stories sorted by raw page view numbers, followed up on Monday with our personal favorite stories of 2012. Oh, but there’s more! As an added bonus to today’s list, which is ordered by raw page view numbers, we will also feature a 10 ten list of stories sorted by Facebook metrics (comments, likes, shares, etc…) in a subsequent post.

Of course these metrics tend to favor older posts as they have more opportunity to collect the stats like page views and likes, but it’s also because we usually kinda hang it up in October and just cruise until “list week”, get really drunk and then start trying again in January.

Your Top Ten Favorite Posts of 2012 (page views):

10. No One in St. Louis Bothered to Pick Up That Dead Crazy Downtown Deer From Friday

If this story hadn’t made this list, it would have certainly been in our top 10 list as few things sum up the inept St. Louis city government more than this story: A deer dies a well publicized death in downtown, yet no one bothers to go get the carcass, until a shooting happened by the deer, reminding the police to call and get someone to come get the deer…and the guy that was just shot.

Good thing we have all this violent crime in the city or nothing would get done!

9. Some Guy in South County Built a Castle

Another overlap between your favorites and our personal favorites. Yes, we write a lot about crime, but that’s because a lot of crime happens. Stuff like this is what we do this for though. A fun story on a weird happening that leads to weird Facebook discussions with the guy that probably owns the castle:


8. Flow Chart Friday: How to Stop Being a St. Louis Tool

Clearly coming in at #8, most people enjoyed our little St. Louis inside joke of a flowchart, but some people really got angry about it…and by “most people” we mean guys on’s /r/StLouis. Though despite the anger of a few, the fact that it generated that many comments sure seems like it struck a chord.

As for the local Reddit hate? We don’t take it seriously. See /r/StLouis used to like us but now “new Reddit” just seems to hate everything old Reddit liked. It’s just how the internet and the minds of an angry high school boy seems to work.

7. Craig Cornett Died

The former country morning show host fall from radio grace was pretty remarkable: The Bull morning show on day, fired the next, being weird about it on Facebook next, then fighting and old man in the casino parking lot, and then his death. The one silver lining was that his fall was quick enough that when the end came, lots of people still remembered and cared for him.

6. KSDK’s Julie Tristan Got Some Attention For Her David Freese “Interview”

One of our true loves is to point out what a misguided turd our local media can be…in this case, it exposed itself.

Cardinal third baseman David Freese was a part of two wrecks in 2012, the second one involved an actual car, while this one here was more of a metaphorical train wreck.

5. SNY Broadcasted Mets No Hitter Reaction From Both R.A. Dicky and an Actual Dick

Penis! On TV! Kinda related to the Cardinals!

4. KMOV to Add Sharon Reed as News Anchor

KMOV continued it’s reign as the local network with the best “talent”. Can’t imagine why this continues to get so much traffic.

3. National Democrats Modify Romney Logo to Include Todd Akin

While we usually don’t like to stray in to the political area too much but when both sides of the fight are asking for it like this, it might as well have been gift wrapped. Special thanks to Todd Akin though for naturally looking creepy enough that our lackluster Photoshop ability still got the job done!

2. JC Corcoran Fired, Trish Gazall Quits (and Returns to) KTRS

St. Louis still loves (or loves to hate) it’s radio personalities, as this is the second radio story to make the list and it of course involved JC Corcoran. A former fan of the site who was just too big of a target to stay a friend for long, JC finally got the boot from KTRS.

The best part of this story for us was the after-story where former Post Dispatcher Deb Peterson tried to call us out on the details of our report that differed from her’s. Turns out, we were right…she was wrong and kind of a bitch about it. We accept the apology she never gave. Thanks Deb!

1. A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

Holy balls was this the fight to end all fights and you guys freaking loved it! Start watching it again right now for the 2012 memories, watch the whole thing a few more times to really wrap your mind around some of the lovely parenting decisions on display. Lets just say if this fight had happened at the zoo, there’s a greater than 90% chance this dumb bitch would have let the hungriest looking lion watch her kid while she went back in for round two.