Some Guy in South County Built a Castle

Some Guy in South County Built a Castle

With construction nearly complete, the neighbors of the 2300 block of Telegraph Road now have a castle in their midst. South County finally has it’s “Methingham Palace”.

Kinda weird, but solid idea going with the grey exterior. Going with white would have been a nightmare with all the drunks trying to find your drive-through window at all hours of the night.

It’s still under construction and construction workers on site confirmed the name of the owner, but wouldn’t say anything about why he’s building a castle. The owner hasn’t responded to News 4’s request for information.

One might question the legality of building a cinder-block castle on a regular residential street, but one should just stop wondering that…

According to St. Louis County Public Works officials, the home meets all zoning conditions and has all the proper permits.

The county official pointed out that zoning codes don’t cover aesthetics. So, if the owner wants to build a castle and gets the proper permits, he or she can build a castle.

Also castles are cool, so even if there were aesthetic-based zoning laws, the courts would eventually find in favor of the castle because all you’d have to say is: “Your honor, dude…how sweet is the castle? I mean come on!” Also you’d never be able to serve the castle with a court summons, unless you somehow got through the moat, past the black knight and managed to battering ram your way through the front door while avoiding the archers from the two front towers.

If one wanted to take down Methingham Palace, your best be would be to play to the weaknesses of Lord Methingham of South County by creating a large wooden QuikTrip travel coffee mug. However, instead of filling it with 3,403 gallons of black coffee and 5,000 sugars, you’d fill it with 10 able-bodied men armed with broadswords, ready to strike when brought inside the castle walls! It’s the perfect totally original plan!

…or you could just go in through the garage since everyone leaves that door unlocked. Either way.

via KMOV