A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

Update: The video was removed from YouTube, but we have found a second copy on Ebaum’s World which is embedded below.

Original post follows…

There was quite the fight yesterday on the Meramec Community College campus and there was video, because just like all those fat Britney Spears snatch shots. as horrible as it sounds you know you gotta check it out at least once.

The video’s audio is pretty NSFW, and the video is recorded in that iPhone tall and skinny aspect ratio which is super annoying, but violates no known HR policies.


The best part is when the lady in the black is screaming and taking swings at the cloud of people fighting in front of her and then realizes: “Oh wait, I’m still holding my small child. Maybe I should not be involved in this type of thing…nah, I’ll just set my crying child down here on the sidewalk, unattended, and then jump back in the fray.” Then right after some kid punched her in the face a few times, she yells out “Oh. You gonna hit me while my baby right there?” Duh. He’s a dude hitting a chick (a rather large lady, but still) so yeah, he probably doesn’t mind he’s hitting you in front of your child. Hell, he’s probably the kid’s dad. Of course the key detail here is that she hasn’t actually realized someone has picked her child up yet though. She continues to fight anyway, rejoining the previous ruckus and only after being pulled from that pile from what appears to be a school official she realizes “Where’s my child?” and starts crying. Not for long though. Soon she’s off to join the third fight a little bit away from the camera. A few seconds later, we see that she did eventually find her kid, which is too bad since that child might have had a better chance living wild on the Meramec campus.

If you watch the whole thing you’ll get one more shot of “mom” yelling at someone about making her fight while holding her baby and then, after a full 3 minutes 30 seconds of solid insane fighting do you hear the guy holding the camera say, just before the video goes black: “Is the baby ok?” It’s almost as if YouTube knew to cut the video right at the moment someone showed they weren’t completely retarded. Makes sense. No one wants to see normal people on YouTube, we want to see dumb asses doing retard stuff. Like this crazy fight at Meramec, or this kid punching himself in the face.

After watching the video far too many times, we found one of the Meramec fighters, Jawanza Fraizer, (she was in the white tank top in the video) on Facebook, who had this to say on her profile:

Look im really getting fucking tired of every body and they smart comments abt the fight me and my home girls had. with them bitch made asz mfz. yeah we fought and yeah they put it on facebook and youtube. get the fuck ova ya’ll self shake get something new to talk abt. go read a book go out side and get some air homies

No clue what she’s trying to say there, but we caught “read a book” and frankly, that’s not bad advice. Also, there’s a fair chance she might be trying to say Little Timmy is in trouble at the Old Mill. Someone should look in to that just in case.

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