KMOV to Add Sharon Reed as News Anchor

KMOV to Add Sharon Reed as News Anchor

We’re no fans of the local news, but we’ve got to hand it to KMOV, they know how to collect attractive female anchors. Virginia Kerr, Jasmine Huda, and Clair Kellet are a good start, but St. Louis, welcome the newest contestent in the “hot reporter” ring. One who comes with an  interesting past, so we’re hoping for an interesting future in St. Louis: Sharon Reed.

We got word late last night, and confirmed by Aaron Hooks (@athooks) on Twitter, that Reed will be the new KMOV anchor, replacing the departing Vickie Newton. She could be at the desk in just a week or two, but no official word has surfaced at the time of this writing.

So she’s hot, but there’s more to this former Cleveland TV news reporter. Like this Deadspin article refuting the pervasive rumors that her new baby was the spawn of LeBron “King” James:

It’s official: the annual damaging and unfounded rumor about LeBron James’s personal life has become an offseason tradition. The latest is a doozy: it claims that LeBron has a secret love child with a former Cleveland news reporter.

she’s decidedly not ugly, and she became something of a Cleveland celebrity in the way local newscasters do. So it was news in January when CBS19 announced she was leaving the station, less than two months after she had taken off for maternity leave.

It took more than five months for the dots to get put together on a national stage. On July 3, the_Plain Dealer_‘s entertainment section briefly ran an article with the headline “Is LeBron James Sharon Reed’s baby daddy?” The article was up for roughly 90 minutes before being pulled down, and as scrubbed from the internet as is possible in this age of cached pages. Cleveland Frowns grabbed a full screengrab of the article.

The rumor was widely bunked by pretty much everyone, but the only reason it had any traction is because he’s pretty hot, people even write articles about her “mystique”, and she’s done some crazy stuff like strip down completely naked in front of rolling cameras back in 2004, which earned her local celebrity status and an appearance on Letterman:

Ms. Reed, who has a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, lauded her own bravery as she removed her bra in front of the cameras, suggesting that there was significance in her willingness to strip naked for the sake of art: she was taking part in an installation by Spencer Tunick, an artist who photographs choreographed scenes of public nudity. She then took off the rest of her clothes, and the camera filmed her as she walked away from it and joined a group of participants in the photo shoot, also naked.

More like this please!

Well done KMOV! She’s hot, seems pretty cool, and even if she’s just an average teleprompter reader this still seems like a win. We just hope she can survive the eventual “Daniel Descalso love child” rumors if she has another kid while in St. Louis.

We’re still probably not going to watch the local news, but if you need an “artist” to request hot ladies walk around naked so they can have their picture taken, you know where to find us!

Seriously, please find us.

More Sharon Reed: She’s @SharonReedHost on Twitter, and at on Facebook. She’s even kinda-sorta-not-really-but-a-little-bit involved in a recent racial dispute with the Cleveland police: