Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories of 2012 According to Facebook

Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories of 2012 According to Facebook

Earlier we published the list of your favorite stories based on raw page view numbers. This list below is still all about the readers, but since our 2012 redesign focused on Facebook for comments and likes, we thought it would be interesting to find out which of our stories this year were the most popular on everyone’s social network of choice: Facebook. [Editor’s Note: To save a little time for all of us, stories that were on both “readers’ choice” lists, we just glossed over on this one. Read both lists for the full look back!]

We’re still working on that Top 10 on Myspace list…don’t hold your breath for it.

The Top Ten Punching Kitty Posts of 2012 According to Facebook:

10. Please Stop Rapping About St. Louis

We had to watch the video again just to make sure it wasn’t replaced with “Ha ha, we were just kidding. No one is this retarded!” …it wasn’t.

9. The New Menards Store in O’Fallon Ain’t Gonna Happen, Damn You Obama!

Menards sure knows how to play to the crowd that likes to go to Menards don’t they?

8. Trouble at SLU: Law School Dean Leaves With Middle Fingers in the Air

We love a good translation piece and so do you it would seem! This one was particularly fun because it was coming from a law school, in a catholic university no less, so it was super proper yet nearly exploding with latent “F*ck you!”s.

Also: What the hell is going on with SLU? Does anyone like Bondi?! If not, why is he still there?

7. A St. Louis Guy Just Looking For His Personal Secretary…To Have Sex With

A late entry to the list as it was just posted a couple of weeks ago, but we just had the feeling this one would be popular. St. Louis is full of weird people that everyone largely ignores, but when you’re super weird we fall in love pretty quickly. The only quicker way in to the hearts of St. Louis would be to be a scrappy short white not very talented middle infielder for the Cardinals.

6. No One in St. Louis Bothered to Pick Up That Dead Crazy Downtown Deer From Friday

This appeared at #10 on the page view readers’ choice list.

5. Five Reasons Why the Nationals’ Bryce Harper is a Douche

Ok, so we stirred the pot during the playoffs (and it worked out great for us after the epic comeback in game 5 and all) but the guy is a bit of a douche. He’s only 19, so he’s got time to correct it, but lets just say we made ourselves stop at five.

4. Check Out Rafael Frucal’s LA Living Room

People love seeing rich people’s living rooms. It’s the only way to explain this. If you’re anything like me, you kept looking at that shot of his whole house and imagining a little Rafael Frucal opening the front door in a Scarface suit yelling “Say hello to my little friend!” …and then Aaron Miles comes out.

3. Becky “Queen of Carpet” Has Uploaded All Her Old Commercials to YouTube

If you missed this post when it first came out, stop what you are doing and watch all of these right now! Go! Why are you still reading this?!

2. Some Guy in South County Built a Castle

This was #9 on the page view readers’ choice list.

1. A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

This was also #1 on the page view readers’ choice list.