The New Menards Store in O’Fallon Ain’t Gonna Happen, Damn You Obama!

The New Menards Store in O’Fallon Ain’t Gonna Happen, Damn You Obama!

Got dang Obama! He took our Menards!

Seriously. The plans for a new O’Fallon, Missouri Menards store are kaput, and according to the Menards press release, you can thank President Obama for that. Clearly the President hates you, guy that already hatest him, and thinks you already have plenty of camouflage jackets. It was a big part of his campaign. We’re surprised you missed the “Jerry has too much camo, and that bright hunter orange looks horrible on him. We have to come together and stop Menards from getting to O’Fallon” commercial.

A statement emailed to the Journal Friday by Menards spokesman Jeff Abbott reads: “I’m very sorry, but we are a family owned business and with the Obama Administration scaring the dickens out of all small businesses in the USA at present, we have decided not to risk expansion until things are more settled.”

Well no one wants you to lose your “dickens”, so lets not build a giant new store, because the economy is bad. Unless…

Officials in O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis had anticipated hundreds of new jobs and thousands of dollars in tax revenue stemming from construction of a 220,000-square-foot Menards just off the Highway N south outer road, near Old Highway N and Sommers Road.

Ah! Obama made us ruin our own economy that he wanted to ruin all along by getting us to ruin it for…wait, Obama made us…not do stuff because he ruined the economy…by making us ruin the economy…because…um… He took our Menards!

via STLToday