St. Louis Makes its Android Debut with “Uprising: St. Louis”

Android phones are showing up more and more these days along side the always visible iPhones. The question is always, “Which one should I get? iPhone or Android?” We love our iPhone, but you want to be a little St. Louis mayor in training, your only option, it appears, is Android with the app Uprising: St. Louis This is the beginning of an MMORPG in the style of Storm8 or Moblyng games. [Read More]

We Have a Mobile Site!

So we hear these iPhone things are getting pretty popular, and its proven by our stats that say lots of you try to read this site with one. Just for you people (and you other crazy Blackberry and Android phone people too) Punching Kitty now has a nice format for mobile phones! What do you need to do? Nothing! Just type in like normal and if you are on a iPhone (or whatever) the site will change to a nice, easily readable and browsable version. [Read More]