St. Louis Makes its Android Debut with “Uprising: St. Louis”

Android phones are showing up more and more these days along side the always visible iPhones. The question is always, “Which one should I get? iPhone or Android?” We love our iPhone, but you want to be a little St. Louis mayor in training, your only option, it appears, is Android with the app Uprising: St. Louis

This is the beginning of an MMORPG in the style of Storm8 or Moblyng games. Your goal is to work with (and against) the political parties in St. Louis to become mayor!

This sounds like maybe the worst game ever. With missions like “walk around the city”, “pick up trash” and “rescue an abandoned pet” the game sounds more like Uprising: St. Charles County Retirement Center than Uprising: St. Louis. Now, if you start out as a young mayor hopeful, dodging gunfire and Dana Loesch on the mean streets to work within the system and finally become mayor of St. Louis! Your prize? Essentially endless easy reelections against nobody opponents, spending your time on Twitter, and jerking people off on your blog about how much safer we are than last year: “One less person murder this year than last…he died at 11:48pm? Crap. Couldn’t they have just beat on his chest for another 15 minutes so it would count for next year? Oh shit! Look what you made me write! How do you undo?! Maybe if I hit ‘save’…”

Now there’s a game! Make that one on the iPhone though.

via AppstoreHQ and @shaw0n