Take a Look at Jenna Fischer’s Kitty!

l_698d129f48ae49aa8fece1e230cf284fEvery once in a while we like to swing by St. Louis native and Office star Jenna Fischer’s blog to see what’s going on with her and if she’s finally decided to film that script with the topless scene we keep sending her.  She still hasn’t filmed that script, or acknowledged the fact that I keep sending her chunks of my hair for that matter, but we did get to see her kitty!

Just before we finished filming for the season some crew members found 2 tiny kittens living under the wardrobe trailer at The Office. The Mom cat was no longer around. We trapped the little guys and named them Dunder and Mifflin.

Ok, thats pretty damn cute.

l_0e4e475b7b784be9862332fe00f3389bDunder is an adorable and spunky little guy.  He’s the one that walked in my fireplace and got sooty footprints all over my couch.  Gotta love it!  I fostered Dunder for just over 2 weeks.  He is now living in a new foster home where he has joined a litter of kittens around his age.  He has lots of friends to frolic and play with!

l_fadbb8f4c2d5423cb3fb3fe9ca1149f0Mifflin was under a pound when we found him.  He was barely weaned and needed extra special care.  He went to a foster parent in Kitten Rescue who had more experience with kittiens so small.  When he was old enough he joined Dunder and the litter of kitten friends.  Mifflin is a total loverboy…I had him for 2 nights in the beginning.  I carried him around with me all day, zipped up in my hoodie.  He would sleep and purr.  Too sweet.

Not only is this cute, but a good lesson.  If you want Jenna Fischer to hung you and let you stay at her house for two weeks, here’s my new plan:

  1. Start looking pathetic. [Editor’s Note: Check!]

  2. Live under the wardrobe trailer on the Office set.

  3. ????

  4. Profit.