Unharmed? I Think the Cat Would Disagree!

Found older KMOV clip on YouTube last night.  It a clip of one of those “throw away” stories that all local TV news stations do about stupid things like a squirrel that can water ski or whatever.  This time it was about a monkey in Japan that roamed free and eventually took a cat hostage.

Take a peak (its all over at the 1:00 mark, the rest is just bad editing):

If you missed it, here’s a freeze frame of the kitten rape:


The female anchor there (don’t recognize her, anyone got her name?) apparently doesn’t think getting humped by a monkey 10 times your size in the bushes is definition of “harm” but we, and we’re guessing, the cat, would staunchly disagree!  We’re betting that anchor is fun at parties though.

My second favorite part is Larry Conors, explaining it by saying the monkey “had never seen a cat before, and just wanted to know what it was.”  Well Larry, we’ve never met, but if we do, I’d prefer and hand shake.