For Your Thursday: A Kitten Being Hugged by a Monkey

This week in St. Louis has been a boring not-quite-spring bunch of days with a weather related power outage for more than a few of you…and chances are more than a few of you were mugged, shot, stabbed or robbed. Who needs a hug? …better yet…who needs a monkey hug?

Answer: We all do.

via Cute Overload

That Monkey Has a Lady on Its Ass!

Who wants two monkeys?! Is it wrong to acquire monkeys simply for the jokes? Alex and Bella are ready for good homes.Both babies are on the bottle and wearing diapers.Babies come with all paper work including health certificate.Babies are Raised in our home with dogs, cats kits.All babies come with starter kits including bottles, diapers, formula, baby blankets & toys.Our babies are vet checked and come with a health certificate. [Read More]

Unharmed? I Think the Cat Would Disagree!

Found older KMOV clip on YouTube last night. It a clip of one of those “throw away” stories that all local TV news stations do about stupid things like a squirrel that can water ski or whatever. This time it was about a monkey in Japan that roamed free and eventually took a cat hostage. Take a peak (its all over at the 1:00 mark, the rest is just bad editing): [Read More]