Take a Look at Jenna Fischer’s Kitty!

Every once in a while we like to swing by St. Louis native and Office star Jenna Fischer’s blog to see what’s going on with her and if she’s finally decided to film that script with the topless scene we keep sending her. She still hasn’t filmed that script, or acknowledged the fact that I keep sending her chunks of my hair for that matter, but we did get to see her kitty! [Read More]

Hot St. Louisan: Jenna Fischer

I’m gonna be honest with you. This post is a stretch. I mean, its not completely out of character for this site since she is from here, but honestly, she looks amazing in these photos, and they were just too good to not post. <p> So&#8230;yup. Thats about it for this one. </p> <p> Here&#8217;s something else, you can check out Jenna&#8217;s blog <a href="http://blogs. [Read More]