Tony LaRussa is Going to Be on Whatever the Hell “Housecat Housecall” is

Tony LaRussa doesn’t like to lose. We’ve heard good friends will be in town to have a meal with the man, and if the Cardinals loose that night, he won’t go. That’s mean, but that’s Tony. He can be a hard-nosed competitive, and frankly, mean guy some times. Hell look at him go at STLToday sports writer Bernie Miklasz.

…and then he’ll go do something like this:

…and we love every second of these moments.  We can’t get enough of stuff like this. I mean, how could you? Which is why we couldn’t have been happier to see that our friends at Cards got their hands on new promo photos of LaRussa and family appearing on some show called Housecat Housecall which sounds just awful. I mean really really awful. Like watching Kirstie Alley eat spaghetti with her hands awful.

Yup. Looks awful.

The site is described on their site as

Each week, Dr. Katrina visits cat loving [f]amilies and, with the help of the Housecat Housecall®Mentors, Dr. Karen Sueda and Dr. Rich Goldstein, she’ll try to make some sense out of a wide range of feline puzzlers. Whether it’s just a quirky behavior or something more complex, Dr. Katrina and her team work out real solutions that help bring peace, harmony, and well-being back to the homes of cats and owners.

Clearly we’re cool with the whole cat thing, but on Tony. You’re better than this. Also you don’t see Jose Oquendo doing this stuff…just sayin’.

If anything deserves a cat face-palm it’s this.

via Cards Diaspora