Two Harbor Seals Died on Their Way to the St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo was expecting the arrival of four harbor seals in time for the June 30th opening of the new “Sea Lion Sound” exhibit, but two of the sea lions died in the trip and had to be left at the Indianapolis Zoo as it was in need of medical treatment as well. We guess hitchhiking from Canada isn’t as safe as it used to be. The animals, two mother-daughter pairs, were examined before departure and checked frequently while in transit, said Steve Bircher, curator of mammals at the St. [Read More]
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Two St. Charles Kids Were Raised in Stinky House Filled With Lizards Snakes and Rats

Family Services dropped the hammer on a St. Charles family who were found to have 1 dog, 157 snakes and lizards, roughly 2,000 mice and rats, and 2 children living in their home. Clearly that ratio is all off. You’d have to at least have 500 kids in there before that was an appropriate amount of lizards and rats. The home, in the first block of Oak Bend Lane, off Laura Hill Road, was in “extremely filthy condition,” according to court documents, and one deputy who went inside was so overcome by the stench he ran outside to throw up. [Read More]

Top 5 Name Suggestions For that Dumb Owl

The other day an endangered owl who clearly didn’t realize it was endangered, did it’s best Rams offensive linemen impression and got its owl face smashed in by a fire truck in Wentzville, MO. The firemen said “Screw that. We’re not stopping. Owl wasn’t even on fire.” but when it got to where it was going, it realized the bird was stuck to their truck and then pretty much had to do something about it so it got a shovel and flicked it on the steps of a bird sanctuary. [Read More]

Tony LaRussa is Going to Be on Whatever the Hell “Housecat Housecall” is

Tony LaRussa doesn’t like to lose. We’ve heard good friends will be in town to have a meal with the man, and if the Cardinals loose that night, he won’t go. That’s mean, but that’s Tony. He can be a hard-nosed competitive, and frankly, mean guy some times. Hell look at him go at STLToday sports writer Bernie Miklasz. …and then he’ll go do something like this: …and we love every second of these moments. [Read More]