STLToday Facebook Poll Reveals the NFL Draft Makes Your Dick Hurt

A source sent this screenshot of a STLToday Facebook poll on Friday over the tip line (/tips or [email protected]): According to the source, it didn’t stay up for long, but still interesting to know that while the majority of the St. Louis sports faithful agree with the Rams’ draft strategy, others wanted a better wide receiver, or it just all simply made their dick hurt. Factor in failures like this and their constant use of pop up ads, and maybe it makes more sense to just have the Post Dispatch stick to writing stuff on dead trees. [Read More]

Welcome to St. Louis Sam Bradford

“I can’t wait to get to St. Louis.” — Sam Bradford on ESPN With the first pick of the NFL amateur draft, the Rams took the quarterback from Oklahoma Sam Bradford. This is the new face of the Rams franchise. “You have no idea how excited I am just to have the opportunity to come to St. Louis and play my NFL career there,” Bradford said in a conference call. “It’s just a blessing and I can’t wait to get there and get to work. [Read More]

It’s Time You Got To Know Sam Bradford

It’s happening. All the signs are there. After the Rams signed only AJ Feeley, and the Redskins trading for McNabb, and yesterday’s news that Marc Bulger has been released, its clear the Rams are going to draft Sam Bradford in a few weeks with the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Here are a few things to get you started in getting to know St. Louis’ soon-to-be poster child of rich athletes. [Read More]

Mayor Slay Institutes Draft to Restock Rams Roster

For immediate release: Monday, after the Rams’ Wide Receiver Keenan Burton suffered a season-ending knee injury, Mayor Slay introduced the draft for all St. Louis men between the ages of 22 and 30. Men selected are to report immediately to Rams Park, put on the pads and play until they are hurt, at which point they can go back to their normal lives knowing that they have served their city in it’s time of need. [Read More]
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The Cards Come to Terms With Their #1 Pick

After trading away pretty much all of their top-end young talent in deals for Mark DeRosa and Matt Holiday, the Cardinals needed to sign #1 pick, and hard-throwing Texas right-hander Shelby Miller. Miller suddenly becomes the number one best pitching prospect in the Cardinals farm system. After initially asking for 4 million to sign, Miller and the Cards settled in on 2.875 Million. Still a lot of money, but a lot better for the Cards than 4 mill! [Read More]