Welcome to St. Louis Sam Bradford

“I can’t wait to get to St. Louis.” — Sam Bradford on ESPN

With the first pick of the NFL amateur draft, the Rams took the quarterback from Oklahoma Sam Bradford. This is the new face of the Rams franchise.

“You have no idea how excited I am just to have the opportunity to come to St. Louis and play my NFL career there,” Bradford said in a conference call. “It’s just a blessing and I can’t wait to get there and get to work.”

St. Louis was 1-15 last season and scored a league-low 175 points. The Rams cut incumbent Marc Bulger in the offseason. The 2008 winner of the Heisman Trophy appeared in only three games in 2009, his junior year, before undergoing right shoulder surgery. His recovery has been so complete that the Rams didn’t hesitate to make him the future face of the franchise.

No surprises here, in the last few weeks, despite their best efforts to hide it, it was pretty clear the Rams were spending their time drawing hearts on their notebook and filling the pages with Mrs. Bradford over and over again. Bernie Miklasz quoted Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo as saying

“We’re fired up. This is a special guy. He’s got all the things you look for in a quarterback.”

A couple of questions remain…

  1. He knows we were 1-15 not 15-1 last year right? I mean awesome to see you so excited, but know we are a little more like the fat girl with headgear rather than Kate Beckinsale as far as hot football dates go.

  2. When is he going to sign on the dotted line and make this official? All reports so far say not any time soon. We don’t get the diva vibe off of Bradford, but his agent is going to starting at $50 Million and going up from there, so it sure as hell won’t be next week.

  3. Is he going to start. The Rams are telling Bernie (via Twitter) that “Bradford is under no pressure to start (immediately).” but when your next best option is A.J. Feeley, that shiny new quarterback in the garage is going to look awfully tempting.

  4. Doesn’t Suzy Kolber look awkward in that dress? She’s cute. But girl next store that plays baseball with you cute, not dressed up cute. We’re betting she’s still got something tomboyish going on under there. Maybe he has her pubes in pig tails.

via ESPN

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