The Mayor Hates the Strippermobile

This is the first we are hearing of St. Louis’ own “Strippermobile” but this has to be the greatest thing we have ever heard of…ever…all time…and we’ve heard of lots of cool stuff before like that thing your mom does with her tongue and a carrot, so we know when something is top of the list cool. The Strippermobile is it. As Mayor Slay describes it:

You have probably seen it before: truck, plexiglass walls, garish paint job, pole, women in scanty clothing.

The fact that it’s pissing off annoying ladies from out-of-town that write to the mayor is just gravy on the top of this sandwich of sexy and awesome.

… I wanted to know if this is legal in your city, and if you were aware personally of this? I was outraged that my daughter and I were exposed to this while walking down the street in broad daylight. It is so hard to raise our children to become Christians and have good morals in this society. It is even harder to do so with strippers shoved in front of your face in broad daylight.

You wrote to the Mayor of St. Louis about this? The Mayor?! Where are you from when you write the Mayor about an odd encounter you have in a city? The Mayor issued a hollow threat to the strippermobile people:

Dear strip club person: I have some influence with the Police Department here. They will determine whether or not your tacky contraption constitutes a dangerous distraction to motorists. With that in mind, please restrict your “runs” until after dark — and, please, give Busch Stadium a pass during “Kids Weekend.”

Yawn. The cops aren’t big fans of you Mr Mayor, and they probably all think the Strippermobile is awesome anyway. Plus anyone that made a car with plexiglass sides for an easier stripper delivery mechanism probably isn’t all that worried about offending Jebediah on Kids Weekend.

Going back to the lady with the time on her hands: Of course its legal because we live in America. They have the same right to talk about strippers as you do to bitch about raising a christian. Honestly, yeah, that would be a bummer if it drove past your kid, but the same goes when you are in the ball game and the Jeff Co hoosier in front of you wearing his “natural sweater” starts calling the umpire a…well you get the picture. The point is, you want to control their world entirely? The never let them leave the house, and stock up on stain remover because once he gets older and stabbier, it’s going to take a lot of work to get the hooker blood out of the carpets.

via Mayor

[Editor’s Note: 20 points to the person that slaps a Punching Kitty sticker on the side of the strippermobile and sends back a photo!]