Dear Punching Kitty: More on the Strippermobile

We get a lot of comments, twitter replies, emails and notes stuck to our door with large knives so we thought it was time to answer some of those. Our first foray into answering to the whims of our adoring public starts from a comment left on a recent post about the Riverfront Time’s photos of the now infamous “Strippermobile”: RFT Gets Photos of Stripper Mobile Replying to our remark: [Read More]

The Mayor Hates the Strippermobile

This is the first we are hearing of St. Louis’ own “Strippermobile” but this has to be the greatest thing we have ever heard of…ever…all time…and we’ve heard of lots of cool stuff before like that thing your mom does with her tongue and a carrot, so we know when something is top of the list cool. The Strippermobile is it. As Mayor Slay describes it: You have probably seen it before: truck, plexiglass walls, garish paint job, pole, women in scanty clothing. [Read More]