Dear Punching Kitty: More on the Strippermobile

We get a lot of comments, twitter replies, emails and notes stuck to our door with large knives so we thought it was time to answer some of those.

Our first foray into answering to the whims of our adoring public starts from a comment left on a recent post about the Riverfront Time’s photos of the now infamous “Strippermobile”: RFT Gets Photos of Stripper Mobile

Replying to our remark:

So that’s all? That’s not nearly as bad or awesome as we had pictured it in our minds.

SandyShores stated:

I think we need to have an artist’s rendition of the mental images you had.

That, can be arranged!

Above is our drawing of what we thought the Strippermobile was, and now just believe it should be.  Lets walk through it shall we?

First you will notice that Santa Claus is driving.  Secondly you will see the basic construction of our Strippermobile is a large truck with a window on one side and a pole in the middle, not unlike the real Strippermobile, but ours also has a disco ball in the one corner and a TV playing hard-core pornography in the other. On the pole is a hot redhead chick because redheads are hot and also crazy. To the right we see a set of blonde twins making out.  Below the redhead we have a midget with a pink mohawk, whose role, although vital, is yet to be fully defined. In the left we have a shark because sharks are bad ass.  You might be saying: “Wait, how is that shark living outside of water.” Good point. They don’t live long. They will have to change the shark at least twice a day.  Lastly we have Teen Wolf doing a handstand on the top.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments?

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