Old Guy Makes Hostage Threat After Running Out of Other Non-Jailable Ideas

Randy Trim was pissed off.  Not just pissed off like when the Diet Mt Dew fountain doesn’t work at the gas station in the morning…like hostage threat but not bothering to conceal his identity or location pissed.

Yeah…ok…I guess that can be a level of pissed.

Trim, 62, of the first block of Capri Way in St. Charles, walked into the Regions Bank at 1416 Harvestowne Industrial last Thursday morning wondering why his social security check had not been deposited.

The bank teller told him the check woudn’t go through because its routing number was wrong, police said.

That prompted a stern warning from Trim that he planned to take a hostage at the social security office at 112 Piper Hills Drive, where at least 25 people work.

That’s one way to go. The good news he is went home, realized how dumb that idea was that, and laughed at how lucky he is to not be in jail. We’re kidding. He went to a car dealership, asked to borrow their phone and did it again, but this time directly to the cops.

He went over to the Mid Rivers Chrysler-Jeep dealership, borrowed a telephone and called 911, repeating his threat to dispatchers. Police responded to the auto dealership and arrested Trim.

No one likes waiting in line for nothing, but generally we just steal the pen or do the ole “Come on!” comment under our breath routine. Hostage threat seems like a tad overkill, but Trim has heart problems so that explains it.

He has been down on his luck for awhile now. He has been unemployed for the last two years and have been trying to find work. He has several disadvantages to getting a job. He is older and has heart problems. He also has served in the military when he was younger.

That verbal turd above is a snippet of a comment made by a family member on STLToday.com about this story.  What other non-sensical reasons can we throw in for why a man threatened to take a hostage twice in the span of 30 minutes? Was he sleepy? Did the parasite that ruined Laura Flynn Boyle talk to him via a rerun of Facts of Life? We may never know.

via Chas Beat