St. Louis Has the Worst Casino Crimes

In Vegas, even the “little” heists are planned down to the detail. No one hits the big casinos ill-prepared. They have two drivers, a computer expert (for some reason), the muscle and the brains…at a minimum. Their schemes involve parachuting on to the roof, dropping in on a zip line, using smoke to see the lasers and then trying to get out with the money after two costume changes and stop to make some wonderfully phrased zinger to a pretty lady at one of the craps tables.

In St. Louis we see a guy that just won some money and try to just grab it from him and run.

Trenette Ryland, 34, of the 1300 block of Summergate Parkway in St. Charles County, was charged Monday with stealing $5,366 from a 66-year-old man at Ameristar Casino, authorities said. Ryland is accused of grabbing the money from his shirt pocket while they were standing near a set of elevators early Thursday morning.


Ryland told police she ditched the cash in the Missouri River, though police aren’t really buying that story.

This was the best idea huh? Grab it and run?  Couldn’t you have at least tried to seduce him, or get him drunk? …no, you just decided to grab it and run.  The article doesn’t say exactly, but I bet she wasn’t even wearing a costume, probably just dressed in her usual trailer park garb, which I can only assume was a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off and sweat pants with a stain.

Everyone knows the “grab it and run” idea only works on stealing chips from gas stations where the clerk is in the little bullet-proof bubble, and as my main dating technique in high school. Turns out in both cases to get what you want, it’s easier just to use a gun, but what’s the skill in that?

via STLToday