Mayor Slay Institutes Draft to Restock Rams Roster

For immediate release: Monday, after the Rams’ Wide Receiver Keenan Burton suffered a season-ending knee injury, Mayor Slay introduced the draft for all St. Louis men between the ages of 22 and 30. Men selected are to report immediately to Rams Park, put on the pads and play until they are hurt, at which point they can go back to their normal lives knowing that they have served their city in it’s time of need. [Read More]
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Richie Incognito Visits a Blood Drive

Here, in this photo from, we see Rams lineman Richie Incognito visiting blood donors today in Richmond Heights. After this happy moment you see here, Richie told everyone there that just because they were giving blood they knew how to cheer for the Rams. Then he punched this lovely lady in the face and took off early. When asked for a comment, Coach Spagnolo said “he was just really ‘fired up’ for the blood drive and you have to do appearances with passion. [Read More]