Incognito Delivers Parting Shot to St. Louis

Those last three dumb-ass penalties that Rams Guard Richie Incognito earned in his last game as a Ram cost him $50,000 in fines. When asked about the fines today, Incognito had this to say: “With the fine of 50 grand, I would have gladly paid more to get out of that situation in St. Louis,” Incognito said Sunday after the New England Patriots beat the Bills 17-10 in Ralph Wilson Stadium. [Read More]

The Bills are Really Happy to See Richie Incognito

Kawika Mitchell plays for the Bills and when he heard that everyone’s favorite ex-Rams offensive linemen Richie Incognito signed with his team, he took to his Twitter account to tell the world about how happy he was to play with the man voted the “Dirtiest Player in the NFL”

everyone_hates_richieHe later recanted, because he basically had to after his team PR team crawled up his big ass.

Twitter is awesome.

The Rams Release Problem Child Richie Incognito

Yesterday afternoon, ole “Coach Spags” of our St. Louis Rams finally found what we all were hoping he would some day: His balls. Finally after costing us a tons of penalty yards and being a general douche for pretty much the whole time he was here, the Rams cut Richie Incognito. Let him have it Coach! Tell this punk he’s outa here! “As with all other personnel moves, this is what we felt was in the best interest of the team at this time,” said Spagnuolo. [Read More]

Richie Incognito Visits a Blood Drive

Here, in this photo from, we see Rams lineman Richie Incognito visiting blood donors today in Richmond Heights. After this happy moment you see here, Richie told everyone there that just because they were giving blood they knew how to cheer for the Rams. Then he punched this lovely lady in the face and took off early. When asked for a comment, Coach Spagnolo said “he was just really ‘fired up’ for the blood drive and you have to do appearances with passion. [Read More]