Incognito Delivers Parting Shot to St. Louis

Those last three dumb-ass penalties that Rams Guard Richie Incognito earned in his last game as a Ram cost him $50,000 in fines.  When asked about the fines today, Incognito had this to say:

“With the fine of 50 grand, I would have gladly paid more to get out of that situation in St. Louis,” Incognito said Sunday after the New England Patriots beat the Bills 17-10 in Ralph Wilson Stadium. “So I chalk it up to that.”

Nice. Yeah, like everyone sucked but you huh?  New teammates love to see that kind of attitude.

In case you were wondering, “Captain Dipshit” started Sunday for the Bills and promptly committed three more penalties.

“The way I approach the game,” Incognito said, “my intensity level and the way I play on Sundays, not one thing’s going to change. The foolish penalties and the selfishness, that has changed and it’s going to continue to change. That’s something I’ve been working on for a very long time.

Judging by your last comment, it seems you have a lot to work on.

At least everyone on the Bills thinks your #1!  Oh wait.  I think thats the wrong finger…

via ESPN