Whoops! Registered Sex Offender Working For Kirkwood School District

You know that creepy cafeteria worker at your kids school and seems to look a little too long while shoveling the creamed corn?  …I mean he’s weird, but its a school…they don’t actually hire people that would…you know…nothing to worry about.

Oh wait.  Your kid doesn’t go to the Kirkwood School District do they?

Ok, then go ahead and worry.  They hire molesters there.

Think about that everyone that hasn’t molested a kid and can’t find a job!

A cafeteria worker in two Kirkwood Schools was charged recently with being a registered sex offender near a school.

Fonda Dean, 45, was charged with two counts of being a registered sex offender present within 500 feet of school property when persons under the age of 18 are present.

[T]he worker had spent four hours working in the cafeteria at Keysor Elementary School on Nov. 10 and worked off and on for 18 days at Kirkwood High School. The suspect was hired by a temporary agency for Chartwells, a company that provides food services for the district.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly Kirkwood’s fault, it was the temp agency that sent Dean in there to basically work at his version of an all-you-can-touch buffet. Still this can’t look good for Kirkwood though.

In related news, lets all welcome Kirkwood’s new Fire Chief (pictured below).

via Globe-Democrat