Woman Turns in Fiancee After Discovering He’s a Pedophile

“What? No! You’re crazy. He’s not like that at all!” “We need a van because the extra cargo space is nice, ok?!” “What do you mean we need more Butterfingers? Didn’t I just buy a bunch of them!?” “Oh come on mom! How does someone look like a pedophile?” “Hey honey? Can I borrow your phone for a second I gotta check the traffic for my dri…what the hell is this? [Read More]

St. Louis’ Former Archbishop Resigns From Post For Protecting Pedophile Priests

Justin Rigali was the Archbishop of St. Louis until he got all big time a few years ago and bolted to Philly for the same job. What’s Philly have that we don’t? Cheesesteaks, sure…and some busted ass bell, a bunch of crappy fans…oh and a bunch of pedophile priests. A report appearing in Monday’s _Philadelphia Daily News _said Cardinal Justin Rigali has submitted a letter of resignation to Pope Benedict XVI, and the pope is expected to accept Rigali’s resignation as early as Tuesday. [Read More]

Man Made Two Kids Look at His Old Junk at Goodwill. By Junk We Mean Penis.

Two children got a little more than used coats at the Fairview Heights Goodwill store earlier this year…apparently there was a sale on trouser snakes this past October. A registered sex offender from St. Louis was charged Tuesday with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child for allegedly exposing himself to two children inside the Fairview Heights Goodwill Store, according to the St. Clair County state’s attorney. Jeffrey Hudacek, 42, is accused of committing the acts on Oct. [Read More]

Joseph Emil Klug Has a Horrible Name and Lots of Kiddie Porn

Joseph Emil Klug has two things that will follow him to the grave: Joseph Emil Klug has to be one of the worst names of all time. Can you imagine having that societal lead weight at the top of every grade school test and the bottom of every check you sign? “Beverly, I love you. Will you be Mrs. Joey Emil Klug?” “Eww. Pass.” It’s hard to mess up a solid, no nonsense name like Joseph, but they freaking did it. [Read More]

Shocker: Creepy Looking Guy Turns Out to Be Total Molester

I’m not sure how many sleep-over age girls we have as readers, but here’s a tip for them anyway. If every time you ask your Dad “Can I have my friend sleep over tonight?” and he says “Yeah! Totally! Invite some more friends actually! I have plenty of pillows for a fight, and tons of NyQuil laid out downstairs next to the video camera I don’t ever leave on. Oh that light? [Read More]

Former KFNS Producer Ryan Huff Gets 25 Years for Diddling Tweens

We’ve been following this case here at Punching Kitty since we basically first launched over a year ago and it looks like its finally come to a close. Former producer for local sports talk outfit KFNS Ryan Huff has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to…deep breath…two felony counts of production of child pornography, one felony count of enticement of a child, one felony count of receipt of child pornography, two felony counts of possession of child pornography and one felony count of transferring obscene material to a minor. [Read More]

Fredericktown Police Captain Likes Little Boys, Little Boys Not Big Fans of Him

A Fredericktown, MO police captain and local Boy Scoutmaster has been busted for being…you’ll never guess…a sexual predator! Three cheers for stereotypes! Kenneth Tomlinson II, 42, a police captain in Fredericktown and Boy Scout leader, has admitted having sex with young boys and destroying videotapes he made of the sex, court records show. After 16 counts of sodomy involving two boys, ages 12 and 14, Tomlinson should be ready for a little sodomy of his own, but first the worst punishment of all… [Read More]

Whoops! Registered Sex Offender Working For Kirkwood School District

You know that creepy cafeteria worker at your kids school and seems to look a little too long while shoveling the creamed corn? …I mean he’s weird, but its a school…they don’t actually hire people that would…you know…nothing to worry about. Oh wait. Your kid doesn’t go to the Kirkwood School District do they? Ok, then go ahead and worry. They hire molesters there. Think about that everyone that hasn’t molested a kid and can’t find a job! [Read More]